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A blog about being an everyday fabulous professional and an awesome auntie.

About Ms. Galvin White April 11, 2010

Mx. Galvin White was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area when corduroy and nylon were all the rage. She currently resides in a historic Arizona neighborhood where adorably charming (small) bungalows line the streets waiting for a buyer, a renter, hell, even a squatter. Mx. Galvin White and her family secretly long for the day when an earthquake turns california into an island and gives them ocean front property in Arizona and maybe even a better climate!


2 Responses to “About Ms. Galvin White”

  1. Christine Says:

    Dare I ask?

    * Does October make it Mrs. Galvin White?
    * Has the oldest nephew found this location?
    * What is a tweet obsession and what does it look like?

    Just surfing and found this reply location. GREAT JOB!

    • galvinwhite Says:


      Thanks for being bold enough to dare. October 2010 WILL bring many changes, which will be documented right here. Including details of an upcoming nuptual. “I do” believe that the one special newphew you are referring too has located this blog. To find out more about my tweet obsession, you can search galvinwhite at and view its random history. Thanks for dropping by and thanks for leaving a comment! Stay tuned, you never know what I will say next.

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