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Legally Linked April 22, 2010

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Our wedding venue and reception site, The Wine Cellar at Moo Restaurant in Boston MA.

Stay tuned, there will be more legally wedded updates to come…


It is Never too Late for a Party April 21, 2010

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There are a lot of us out there. Procrastinators. It is a nasty little term the type A personalities came up with perpetuating the stereotype of a lazy bunch of mediocre no talent settlers. The truth is, Procrastinators are able people much like our type A peers but with a rational fear of failure.

I was told, if you procrastinate, you are actually a Perfectionist and so I will affectionately refer to us as such from here on out. Perfectionists begin a project with the disturbing knowledge that we are possibly the only person capable of completing that project correctly – a large burden to carry – and yes, there is a correct way and very wrong way to do any project. Step one in the Perfectionist’s handbook and the most important, is to think. Specifically, to think long and hard, and then think some more, and keep thinking until it is just the right time. It is then and only then, that a divine source of wisdom connects with the perfectionist resulting in the materialization of the brilliance our complex and perfect genius minds created. You know, Jesus right? Ya, he was a perfectionist too. His 40 days spent ‘lost/wondering’ was purpose driven cognitive strategy not distraction!

I realize this is an obscenely difficult concept for the type Aer persona to understand, but I will try to simplify the message. Perfectionists are rightfully concerned with being 100% perfect, 100% of the time. Some people may call this other cute names like obsessive and/or compulsive but perfectionists is the preferred politically correct term.

Right now, if you are a Perfectionist reading this you are likely to stand up and begin chanting “Who are we? The Perfect! What do we want? Respect!” Our type A personality friends, however left this posting the moment I described our personality rather perfectly, also because they were bored (hypo-focus challenged).

There is an important lesson to be learned here, so send this post to your type A friends (we all have them) and tell them it is required reading regarding their continued professional development and early retirement. Then, inform them that you will be respectfully referring to them as Flawed if they continue to use crass and ugly words like procrastination to describe your omni-talents. Additionally, you can tell them, “I love you the person, I just hate your humanity.” This always helps them to understand that their soul is still salvageable.

Why do I bring this to your attention? Like any perfect Perfectionist, I filed my taxes on April 14, at 11:30pm. If you were at one of the two open post offices in greater Phoenix area, then you already know what I am talking about. I am glad I didn’t miss out on that party! 

Talk to you later (much much later).


Celebrate Your Pride April 17, 2010

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Phoenix Arizona LGBTQ Pride parade and festival this Saturday and Sunday April 17 and 18 at Steel Indian School Park, 3rd ave and Indian School road in Phoenix. Come out and show your pride and support!


I use to have a name, now I am Auntie. April 14, 2010

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You can call me Auntie. This past week, I had the honor of spending my days with my beautiful and smart 8 month old niece. The moment I met this little cherub, I fell head over worn-out converse, in glassy-eyed romance with her. She continues to be the cutest baby I have ever seen and after this week, I am convinced she is also a genius.

Hang in there while I brag? Okay, she has a great smile, wise eyes and occasionally, a condescending smirk. She holds her own spoon, bottle and books! She is studying English, Spanish and American Sign Language. She has a longer attention span than I do and I swear she called me “Auntie Lindsey”!

Now, some of you are thinking I am full of it-the same tacky substance I discovered during my recent diaper changing marathon. I don’t blame you for your doubts, your sighs or heavy eye-rolling, any more than I do myself, for being so utterly disgusting with Auntie Pride but please, don’t write me off just yet, I haven’t tossed out all rational thought with her pooh-pee Pampers.

Earlier today, I was engaged in important communications and serious discussions, including some difficult and insightful questions. Granted, it took place inside my own head with altered voices and distinctive personalities, but none the less, it was highly amusing to me. We… I wondered, “is it the genetic tie we share?”, “is it my own vanity?”, “has all that organic baby food and pink decor clouded my critical thinking?”, or worse “did she put a spell on me?”

Yes. Yes. Yes and Yes! …and I am loving every second of it. Forget about calling me on time to dinner and just call me Auntie!


wordpress virgin April 13, 2010

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I have started making my way into blogging world. I think it is just absolutely delightful how all these sites interface so nicely together. If only the real world could learn to adapt to one another like all the applications have in the virtual world. Dare I say, there would be no more war, but bright new concepts called ‘’ or ‘tomatoe_tomato_lets work the whole thing’. Just imagine, all the people living for today’s social media stipend check! Is this what John Lennon was talking about? I think so! Watch out folks, the industrial revolution is long gone. I have surf and I am bored so, I am going to ride this E-revolution wave!


I blog, therefore I am weird, excentric and everyday fabulous April 11, 2010

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When I was tween my older sister began blogging on this new thing called the World Wide Web. I thought she was rather weird at the time. As the years rolled on, I learned that acquaintances and even my own friends were bloggers-just like my excentric sister. Certainly, I was not interested in joining this phenomena and thought, “good for them, but blogging just is not for me.”

Now some 15 years later, here I am, with a blog and my wise sister ( sitting next to me as I write. I never would have been able to predict this or my recent twitter obsession. Follow me @galvinwhite to see what happens next.