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wordpress virgin April 13, 2010

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I have started making my way into blogging world. I think it is just absolutely delightful how all these sites interface so nicely together. If only the real world could learn to adapt to one another like all the applications have in the virtual world. Dare I say, there would be no more war, but bright new concepts called ‘’ or ‘tomatoe_tomato_lets work the whole thing’. Just imagine, all the people living for today’s social media stipend check! Is this what John Lennon was talking about? I think so! Watch out folks, the industrial revolution is long gone. I have surf and I am bored so, I am going to ride this E-revolution wave!


I blog, therefore I am weird, excentric and everyday fabulous April 11, 2010

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When I was tween my older sister began blogging on this new thing called the World Wide Web. I thought she was rather weird at the time. As the years rolled on, I learned that acquaintances and even my own friends were bloggers-just like my excentric sister. Certainly, I was not interested in joining this phenomena and thought, “good for them, but blogging just is not for me.”

Now some 15 years later, here I am, with a blog and my wise sister ( sitting next to me as I write. I never would have been able to predict this or my recent twitter obsession. Follow me @galvinwhite to see what happens next.